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Global Journalism Practices

Student needed to help copyedit,proofread and fact-check a book about international professional journalism practices and ethics.

This book co-edited by journalism professors at MSU, University of Oklahoma and Alfred University examines how journalists work and what journalists believe in a variety of countries around the world. A wide range of scholars -- some of them non-native speakers of English -- are writing the chapters. It explores such issues as professional ethics and government control, the economic impacts of changes in the news media industry, serving audiences and the effects of rapidly changing technology.


Excellent writing skills. Ability to meet deadlines. A commitment to accuracy,

Project Coordinator

Eric Freedman ( freedma5 )
Posted: 17-07-23
Compensation: 1 Credits
Start Date: 17-09-01
End Date: 18-02-28

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UCF NSF REU Site in Belize

We emphasize engaged, community-based research while preparing students for future academic and non-academic careers in GIS, geospatial technologies, geography, geosciences, sociology, education, community development, public health, and land use planning
Posted: 18-02-16
Start Date: 18-02-16
End Date: 18-03-02

Research Experiences on the Internet of Things

This program will train students in a 10-week summer program in security, privacy, hardware design, data analytics, healthcare simulations, and social computing topics.
Posted: 18-02-16
Start Date: 18-02-16
End Date: 18-03-01

Engineering and Nanoscience of Materials and Device Applications in Biotechnology and Medicine

Students will gain hands-on research training in topics such as adoptive cancer immunotherapy and targeted nanoparticle cancer therapy, engineering of MEMs devices and body-on-a-chip systems for proteomics research.
Posted: 18-02-16
Start Date: 18-02-16
End Date: 18-03-09

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