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Child Health Advances From Research with Mothers (CHARM) - Research Assistant

CHARM seeks a highly motivated and organized undergraduate student interested in public health and epidemiology. This research assistant will be responsible for conducting phone surveys, data entry, and other study office activities.

Child Health Advances from Research with Mothers (CHARM) is an NIH ECHO funded study and longstanding collaboration of physicians and scientists from five major research institutions across the state of Michigan including Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, Wayne State University, the Henry Ford Health System, and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. The main goal of CHARM is to examine the impact of the environment during pregnancy and early childhood on adolescent health. More specifically, we want to find out whether diet, genes, environmental chemicals, infections, hormones and more might lead to illness in children such as asthma, obesity, or problems in physical intellectual, or social development.

This project is led by Nigel Paneth, MD, MPH.


  1. GPA of 3.3 or higher required.
  2. 25-30 hours a week during the summer with at least one weekend day per week.
  3. Willing to make a commitment until Fall 2018 classes begin with option to continue with less hours during the school year.
  4. Strong communication skills.
  5. Experience in customer service is preferred.

Please provide a CV including your current cumulative GPA, past/current work experience, other research programs you may have been a part of, and specific skills you may have.

For More information:

Project Coordinator

Breanna Kornatowski ( A50034134 )
Posted: 18-07-02
Start Date: 18-07-02
End Date: 18-07-22

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