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Attitudes Toward Local Michigan Dialects

Help us learn more about how people talk in Michigan, and what people think when they hear a Michigan accent. The MSU Sociolinguistics Lab is looking for an assistant to help code and process data collected from an online survey platform.

The MSU Sociolinguistics Lab is looking for a research assistant with strong computer programming and statistical analysis skills to help with the collection, management, and analysis of data coming from a project that examines changes in the local Michigan dialect.

People make judgments, often subconsciously, about a person when they hear them speak. Using an online survey, we collect data from people to gauge their reactions to speakers with various accents; specifically, people with a historically Michigan-typical accent, compared to an accent more common elsewhere.

We are looking for a research assistant who can help use the online platform that will be used to administer the survey, as well as help to manage and analyze the resulting data. The project will be hosted using a number of services, including the JotForm survey platform and Amazon Mechanical Turk.

The research assistant will be responsible for learning and navigating the Amazon Mechanical Turk interface, using RStudio or similar software, and being able to code the desired parameters for the survey. The research assistant will also be tasked with using Javascript to coordinate survey flow between Mechanical Turk and JotForm, which will be used as the primary data collection tool. Finally, the assistant will be responsible with helping to manage and analyze the data, using R Statistical Computing Software by creating various statistical models.

This is a paid position, and is still tentative, pending the results of funding approval. Because of this, the start date will be no earlier than October 1.


Requisite: Strong computer programming skills, and ability to learn new programming languages and interfaces quickly.

Preferred: Knowledge of the following services, programs, and coding languages: -Amazon Mechanical Turk/Amazon Web Services -HTML/Javascript -R Statistical Computing Software -Statistical modeling, such as multiple regression and principal component analysis.

If interested in this position, please fill out the following form:

For More information:…

Project Coordinator

David Savage ( savaged5 )
Posted: 18-09-26
Start Date: 18-09-20
End Date: 18-10-31

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