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Great lab and research opportunity to learn about brain development

The Hoffmann lab in the Department of Animal Science and RDSP offers an exciting and unique environment for performing state-of-the-art biomedical, animal and basic research with top scientists in the field.

The Hoffmann lab research goals focus on discovering novel genes involved in brain development and function in order to understand how developmental perturbations impacts brain development and function.To get lab experience research assistants will be expected to help prepare basic solutions for the lab, clean materials, prepare agarose plates, organize and help keep the lab clean, among others. In addition, the research assistant will be able to get involved in research while working side by side with a mentor.

We are specifically looking for students who are meticulous, organized, good at working in a group, intrinsically motivated, and honest. Research assistants will be trained in all the required protocols. Some projects might require working with mice.

Research assistants have opportunities to attend weekly lab meetings and to present their work at conferences, including MSU's Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum. There are also opportunities to co-author papers. To apply please send a cover letter, CV and names of 1-2 references


GPA of 3.2 or higher Strong organizational skills At least 10 hours available each week to work in the lab/hours are flexible

For More information:

Project Coordinator

Hanne Hoffmann ( hanne )
517 353 1415
Posted: 19-02-25
Compensation: 1 Credits
Start Date: 19-02-25
End Date: 19-04-23

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Newest Research Opportunities

Opportunity to work on neural organoids for the study of traumatic brain injury

The Aguirre Lab is looking for a motivated and skilled research assistant to study the biochemical and biophysical mechanisms of traumatic brain injury.
Posted: 19-03-11
Compensation: For Credit
Start Date: 19-03-11
End Date: 19-11-01

Evaluating an Enhanced Curriculum for Improving Children’s Self-Regulation

Our team will be evaluating the newly updated High/Scope curriculum with preschoolers in Detroit to help us understand how the curriculum might support children to develop self-regulation skills. We will also collect teacher and parent data.
Posted: 19-03-06
Compensation: For Credit
Start Date: 19-03-06
End Date: 19-06-01

Earthquake identification and location

We aim at accurately and efficiently identifying and locating earthquakes using machine learning and big seismic data. Our goal is to better characterize earthquake spatial distribution and better predict future earthquake locations.
Posted: 18-12-25
Start Date: 18-12-25
End Date: 19-05-12

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