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Agriculture and Natural Resources (1 projects)

Building relationships and meeting needs have been the focus of the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) for more than 150 years. As the first college of a university to model the land-grant system, this college's calling has been to bring knowledge to the people of Michigan.

Arts and Letters (0 projects)

The humanities and arts programs of the College of Arts & Letters foster oral and written communication skills,imagination, reasoning ability, flexibility, cross-cultural awareness, and civic responsibility. Students learn to think independently and engage in active inquiry; to ask questions and pursue new ways of integrating multiple kinds of knowledge.

Communication Arts and Sciences (0 projects)

The College of Communication Arts & Sciences combines a research-intensive faculty with a strong professional mission to influence the professional practice of communication globally. For more than 50 years, scholars in the College of Communication Arts & Sciences at Michigan State University have redefined the boundaries of communication studies.

Education (0 projects)

The College of Education at Michigan State University is home to an intensive five-year teacher preparation program, several nationally ranked programs of graduate study and a vibrant research community that is committed to making a difference in practice.

Eli Broad College of Business (0 projects)

The Eli Broad College of Business and the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management includes five departments (Accounting and Information Systems, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management), and one independent, industry-specific program, The School of Hospitality Business.

Engineering (1 projects)

The College of Engineering, a constituent of a major research and teaching university, is an unprecedented learning environment.

Human Medicine (0 projects)

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine is committed to educating exemplary physicians and scholars, discovering and disseminating new knowledge, and providing service at home and abroad. We enhance our communities by providing outstanding primary and specialty care, promoting the dignity and inclusion of all people, and responding to the needs of the medically underserved.

James Madison College (0 projects)

James Madison College is a residential college at Michigan State University offering sophisticated multidisciplinary programs in the social sciences founded on a model of liberal education. We prepare students for law school, graduate study, decision-making roles in public and private enterprise, and careers in government, media, politics, social services, public administration, education, business and industry, and the foreign service. Our four majors are as follows: Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy, Comparative Cultures and Politics, International Relations, Social Relations and Policy.

Law (0 projects)

Michigan State University College of Law is a leading institution of legal education with a long history of creating practice-ready attorneys. As one of a few private law schools affiliated with a major research university, MSU Law offers comprehensive interdisciplinary opportunities combined with a personalized legal education.

Lyman Briggs College (0 projects)

Lyman Briggs College is an undergraduate, residential college at MSU.

Music (0 projects)

The College of Music at Michigan State University provides a welcoming, challenging environment designed to foster innovation and creativity while helping every student achieve professional excellence.

Natural Science (0 projects)

The College of Natural Science is home of biological, mathematical and physical sciences at Michigan State University.

Nursing (0 projects)

The College of Nursing is committed to the land grant philosophy and our relationship with the community. We are busy working to achieve our strategic priorities in the areas of teaching, research, practice and community outreach.

Osteopathic Medicine (0 projects)

Education: We've ranked in the top 11% nationally of all medical schools -- D.O. and M.D. -- for primary care education since 2000. Our students learn their basic science from Big Ten faculty, and their clinical skills from some of the best osteopathic physicians in the nation.

Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (0 projects)

The Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH) at Michigan State University is an innovative living-learning degree option designed for students who want to combine a small-college experience with the resources and opportunities available at a major university.

Social Science (1 projects)

The College of Social Science at Michigan State University (MSU) is a community of scholars committed to creating, disseminating, and applying knowledge in the social, behavioral and economic sciences. Faculty engage in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborative research to gain in-depth answers to real world problems on local, national, and international levels. Students prepare to become leaders through challenging coursework and enriching practical experiences.

Undergraduate University Division (0 projects)

The mission of the Undergraduate University Division (UUD) is to help undergraduate students achieve their academic goals at Michigan State University. Students are encouraged to explore and investigate areas of interest as well as engage in self-discovery to determine the most suitable academic major.

Veterinary Medicine (1 projects)

Veterinary science courses have been taught at MSU since the institution's founding in 1855. The College of Veterinary Medicine was formally established as a four-year, degree-granting program in 1910.

Other (1 projects)

Projects that do not fall under other units.

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Newest Research Opportunities

Dairy calf immunology research

The Abuelo Lab in the College of Veterinary Medicine offers many opportunities to get involved in agricultural research with a focus of dairy calf health.
Posted: 19-11-21
Compensation: For Credit
Start Date: 19-11-21
End Date: 20-05-31

Zebrafish heart regeneration

The Aguirre Lab is looking for a motivated and skilled research assistant to study the biochemical and biophysical mechanisms of heart regeneration in zebrafish
Posted: 19-11-04
Compensation: For Credit
Start Date: 19-11-01
End Date: 20-05-31

Reporting Environmental News for Grat Lakes Echo

Write news stories for Great Lakes Echo about environmental issues in the Great Lakes Basin for an award-winning news service that serves 8 states and 2 provinces.
Posted: 19-08-12
Compensation: For Credit
Start Date: 19-08-13
End Date: 20-05-08

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